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 [SHOW] 100803 Love Chaser - Myungsoo

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[SHOW] 100803 Love Chaser - Myungsoo Empty
PostSubject: [SHOW] 100803 Love Chaser - Myungsoo   [SHOW] 100803 Love Chaser - Myungsoo EmptyThu Mar 06, 2014 12:41 pm

RAW: xjRGEg or use: O4Us4r ; OR8Ryd ; T9IcyQ ; PQ00dM

Translators: Rubyfur and Myeonghaeji (ex staff from NLiSubs)
Spot Translator: wanatweets and Hotarunoai
Editors: Hotarunoai (I had to re-edit everthing cuz lines didnt make sense)
Timers: susil (*ss) and Hotarunoai (I had to retime everything so yeah)
Typesetter: Hotarunoai
Uploader: Hotarunoai

Quote :
There are some things I noticed... I don't know if any of it needs fixing, but I'll just write them down here anyway.

@02:34 - missing translation for the cap - got it
@02:47 - Leeteuk's line is missing. - got it
@03:12 - missing translation for the cap - got it
@03:41 - Woohyun's introduction is missing a word. - Got it
@04:45 - there is so much to read here (caps, T/N... ). Could it be done differently? - fixed
@04:53 - it seems L's second line is missing, maybe he doesn't say anything special... - got it
@06:04 - the HY here is not Hoya but they share the same "actor" letters XD - got it
@12:27 ---> 12:57 missing translation. This is when Leeteuk and Yesung are talking. I timed the caps, but put it as comment so it won't show up. - got it but like one line XD
@18:26 ---> 18:42 missing translation. This is when Leeteuk si talking. I didn't time this, but I put it all in one line, as a comment. -got it
@19:24 missing translation for what L says, and directly afterwards,
@19:26 Woohyun's line is also missing.

My love is Infinite~~~
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[SHOW] 100803 Love Chaser - Myungsoo

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